Fleece Artist
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Soft Mitts

Mo and BFL DK Knit together make a very soft, snuggly and warm mitt or sock.


These luxurious bootliners are soft and so very warm. The silk content of the Goldiehair give a bit to sheen and extra heat. Perfect for wellies with a bit of style.
Yarn: 250g BFL DK or Merino 3/6, 125g Goldiehair
Size: Mid Calf, Knee High

Tilting Block Socks by Marian Bell
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Basic Merino Socks
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Cherry Swirl Socks
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Bordello Socks by cory Watt
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Thrum Mitten

125 grams Blue Face Aran
60 grams Merino Sliver
(suggested needle size: 3.5 mm)

Cherry Swirl Sock

Designed by Ciobar
115 grams Fleece Artist Sock Yarns (BFL Socks, Trail Socks, Merino 2/6, Kidazzle)
(suggested needle size: 2.5 mm)

Merino Sock

115 grams 100% Machine Washable Merino Wool
(suggested needle size: 2.5mm)

Tilting Block Sock

Designed by Marian Bell
115 grams Fleece Artist Sock Yarn (BFL Sock, Trail Socks, Merino 2/6, Kidazzle)
(suggested needle size: 2.25mm)