Temperature Blanket Pattern

Record the a year of temperature using the Fleece Artist Temperature Blanket pattern. By knitting one row per day based on the temperature in your hometown. Making a temperature blanket is more than a daily knitting practice, it’s also a mindfulness activity and thoughtful connection to our natural world.  You can start on January 1st or start anytime to mark a special year – Baby’s First Year, Graduation, Wedding Anniversary etc.

The overall project requires 1200g/1800m of worsted weight yarn. Our sample was knit using our Organic Chinook, our organic certified treated worsted weight yarn.
For the Celebration yarn we used our Hand Maiden Mulberry Tussah in Birthday Cake.

This pattern comes with 2 pattern options, the mitre square version which comes with a chart that outlines the lay out of each day and measures.appx 48″X 50″. The second pattern is the basic garter stitch and measures appx 50″ X 60″ with tied off tassels.


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