Wonder Woolen + Celtic Vest Pattern

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The Celtic Vest is a Fleece Artist Classic knit all in one piece and side to side flat so colour pooling can be more controlled and runs lengthwise.


Yarn – Fleece Artist Wonder Woolen – 100% Regionally sourced wool
Fibre: 640 (800, 960) metres 4 skeins(460g), 5 skeins(575g), 6 skeins(690g)  of Fleece Artist Wonder Woolen (Sample shown in Hercules)
Needles: 6.5mm needles – longer length circulars.
Gauge: 12 sts 4″ / 20 rows 4″ adjust your needle size to get this or make sure you adjust the length in inches to match your gauge. If you’re tighter than this the vest will be too small)
Sizes:  up to 36″ (40″, 44″)



Care Instructions

Hand Wash Only. Lay flat to dry.

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