Wonder Woollen Pillow Kit

This Pillow kit is inspired by stripped Kilim pillows and Fair Isle knitting. Knit using a two colour colour stranded knitting technique. Pick 2 colours that contrast, then use our enclosed charts to create stripes, dots and waves. Think asymmetrical, not one end the same as the other, mixing up colours. There are no mistakes! Just leave in bit that you don’t like and in the overall pillow it will create discard and harmony. Once you have this technique nailed start having fun with colour and fill your home with exotic styles textiles. We’ve found it hard to stop at just one!

In addition, you will receive a link to a complimentary on-line tutorial that will take place in January 2021.

Pillow form or knitting needles not included

Care Instructions

“Hand Knit, Hand Wash” is preferred with a mild detergent. Vamps can be machine washed on wool/delicate setting. Lie flat to dry.

100% Regionally Sourced Wool
82m / 56g;
90yds / 2oz
Suggested needle size & gauge:
US 8/5mm; 16st/4"

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